• Freddie's Story

    Freddie’s is our family business that fuels your family.

    Who is Freddie? He was our grandfather and he loved a good snack… sometimes a little too much as our grandmother would tell us.

    A lot of companies have these big mission statements or carefully crafted values.

    Here at Freddie’s PJ we keep it simple: WWFD (what would Freddie do?)

    Whether you’re headed out in the sun with the little ones, taking a long road trip or even finishing up that last minute school project the night before, we want you to have a bag of Freddie’s nearby.

    You see, everyone has a different adventure, their mountain to climb for the day if you will. You deserve a snack that will keep you energized, satiated and grabbing for another guilt free!

    Made with premium kosher beef and a little TLC, we’ve created a jerky that your kids could write a letter home from summer camp about. A jerky that makes the grade 2 play a full on festival. A jerky that challenges the 3:30 PM Zoom meeting and says brings it on!

    Most importantly, when you’re sitting in traffic bumper to bumper you’ve got no fear since a bag of Freddie’s is near:)

    We welcome you to our family and thank you for letting us be a part of yours.